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Last Day of School June 23, 2017

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Our last day of school started with Sadie the hedgehog coming to visit.  Students were able to pet her and meet an exotic pet.  We learned about animals and their defense systems as well as how to care for animals.

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We then enjoyed Summer Carnival with the rest of the school.  This outdoor event was full of games, prizes, snacks and fun.


To finish off the day, we celebrated with Kindergarten cake!  Thank you to parents and families who joined us.  We had a wonderful year and are looking forward to a safe and happy summer.

Until next year …….


Bubble Gum Art June 19, 2017

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It was a tasting kind of day.  We started by sampling the lettuce from our classroom garden.  The carrots are not large enough, and the peas have not grown high enough to produce any vegetables.  We’ve decided to leave them for daycare and they can tend to them over the summer months.  We are hoping that our beans will go to some of our families.  Please let Mrs. McFee know if you are interested.

During the afternoon, we continued with our bubble inquiry.  We reread the book The Bubble Factory  (Tomie de Paolo) and practiced blowing bubbles.  After that, we played with the sticky texture and pulled the gum into spider weblike shapes.  Students drew/coloured backgrounds and laid the web on top of their tree, deck, corner of the house, etc. so that it looked like it was ready to trap its prey.



Giant Bubbles! June 15, 2017

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Whoever said bubbles can’t be big?  We continued our inquiry into the science of bubbles and tried out a new recipe today.  This one had corn starch, baking powder, glycerin, water and dish soap.  It made GIANT BUBBLES.  Connor and Zach from grade eight spent some time helping out in the classroom and came along to experiment with the bubbles.  Thanks for all of the help, boys!  Kindergarten loved having you play with us.

We’ve saved the bubble solution and will try again tomorrow for more fun.


Busy Times in Kindergarten A June 13, 2017

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Do you remember when we planted lettuce, carrots and peas a few months ago?  They’re growing!!!!   Although the carrots and peas definitely won’t be ready by the end of next week, we are certainly planning on sampling some lettuce before the end of the year.  Make sure to check out the beans growing out of the plastic cups.  We thought it would be fun to make them into true beanstalks.  The children coloured beanstalks on paper towel rolls and made paper leaves.  They also made castles at the top.  We are planning on leaving all of the plants in the classroom for the summer, as daycare staff has volunteered for the school aged children to take care of them.  It will be a lot of fun to see how they have grown in September.

As for growing gardens, we have been monitoring how well Kiersten’s garden is growing. Her mom has been sending us pictures and we are happy to see all of our ‘vegetables’ growing. Fantastic!

We’ve been working as engineers and architects as well.  Students used their planning, designing and constructing skills to build various structures of their choice.  It was really interesting to hear their language and to see their thoughts develop as they worked together with a partner.

BUBBLES, BUBBLES, BUBBLES!!!!!  We are ending our school year with fun!  Our students are learning about the many different kinds of bubbles there are.  Yesterday, we made ‘bubble juice’ with dish soap, corn syrup and water.  Today we mixed dish soap, water and food colouring with Mrs. McFee’s mixer and created a rainbow of colours to play with in the tactile table.  It’s been a lot of fun.  Tomorrow, we will attempt to make GIANT bubbles by using some ‘magic’ ingredients.  If you want to watch some very interesting bubble videos, check out ‘Melody Yang Gazillion Bubble Show’ online.  A few of the children have now decided that they would like their future careers to be bubble scientists.  I think Mrs. McFee would love this job too!!!

More kindergarten news……..   We have been so happy to welcome our new kindergarten friends who will be starting school next year.  They are visiting us this week for their shadow days.  Looks like a great group of new students.  🙂

And, our year two’s have been visiting grade one this week.  We will also be losing a great bunch of students.  But they are more than ready, and SUPER EXCITED!

Until next week……   enjoy the last few days before summer.  Soon enough, beach days and vacations will be calling.


Green Thumb Gardeners May 12, 2017

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We had a great day learning about composting and planting cucumbers and potatoes with Kiersten’s Dad!   Although the weather was cool, we were all very interested in how soil is made and separated in Mr. Tietz’ composter.  We all had a chance to plant potatoes and learned that they actually grow from another potato that had an eye.  Then, when we planted the cucumber seeds, it was interesting to see how small the seeds were.

We are hoping to see some pictures of the ‘fruits of our labour’ when they grow in a few months.  Thank you to the Tietz family for sharing their garden and their time.



Canada 150 May 7, 2017

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Last week, the stars were shining as GLC children took the stage to celebrate 150 years of Canada.  Kindergarten A performed as snowflakes and snowmen to the French song of Carnaval.  The legendary giant snowman Bonhomme joined the class as they danced to tune of the famous winter festival in Quebec.

Children shined and shimmered as they danced to the music.  By the end of the 5th show, they were noticably more comfortable on stage.  This was evidenced with the waves and smiles on their faces.

If anyone would like copies of any of these pictures, please contact me.


Almost Ready for Canada 150! April 27, 2017

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Her’es a sneak peak at our show!   The costumes are coming together, the excitement is building and children are performing so well.  Parents are in for a treat!

See you at show time!  Wednesday and Thursday May 3rd and 4th: 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm