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Playing with Water April 21, 2018

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Our latest inquiry started a few weeks ago when the ice started to melt outside on the playground. Every night it would reform and melt again in the day. The children noticed that the puddles were getting smaller and we were starting to see more soil, sand, garbage, etc.   Hence, we began to think about SPRING!!!!

This led to questions about water and inquiry about what happens to the animals during the winter. So…… we started learning about water and how important it is to keep it clean. Ms. Melanson read a story about Freddy Fish.  Freddy was a happy little fish who decided to explore.  One day, he left his safe, clean pond and encountered some things that were not very healthy for him; human garbage, moose poop, oil and sludge, acid rain, etc.  Freddy got very sick!   As students listened to the story, they had a chance to pour these pollutants into the water. As they watched the water change colour and texture, they also watched Freddy get very sick.

Some of their comments;

“Ewww,  that’s gross!”              “Look at Freddy. He’s turning green!”        “He’s getting sick.”

“He’s going to die.”                    “Don’t put garbage in the lake.”

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The next day, we continued our inquiry with water and learned about its many properties and uses.  We explored water as a main source of hydroelectricity and watched a few videos about how generators work, power stations (Niagara Falls, Ear Falls, etc.)  Students used their own water wheels to create movement. They learned that water falling from  a greater height creates faster spins and seems to be more powerful. One student commented, “We need a rotor. Then we could make electricity and turn our lights on and off.”

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The children also examined water and its usefulness for transportation. They thought about the value of boats, ships, barges, rafts, etc. and how these vehicles carry goods from one place to another. Students then made tin foil boats and predicted how many plastic letter beads their boats could carry. They soon discovered that when they spread the letters out onto a larger surface, their boat could hold more and remain afloat.  I think they managed to hold up to 100 beads on one particular boat.  Well done, boys and girls!

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Please join us on Monday April 23 for our EcoSchool assembly, as kindergarten sings a song about how to take care of our Earth and save our water.  The assembly will be at 1 pm in the school gym.



Every- Day Problem Solving April 13, 2018

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We have been working on problem solving during math; specifically at recognizing different ways to solve problems and that other people’s methods can be correct and valid as well.  We are also investigating different strategies and learning that sometimes, there are multiple methods that can be used.

For example, some people prefer to draw pictures or to manipulate objects, some prefer to use fingers or tally marks, to count on, or to use a number line.  Sometimes two or three smaller objects can occupy the same space as one larger object and sometimes counting by two’s, five’s or ten’s is a much faster strategy.

Notice in the pictures below that children have also learned to problem solve on the playground, by placing sand onto the ice and trying to melt it.  They are also inquiring about the moving water that they see underneath of the ice and the way which it is bubbling.  Very interesting! They have learned to cooperate in the classroom by helping each other to sweep and coordinating how to hold the dust pan. It is awesome to see this teamwork developing between the children.

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Problem Solving Challenge April 6, 2018

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Kgn. A is getting pretty good at using their reasoning and deductive skills for problem solving. We are learning do complete puzzles by using simple strategies such as: look for the corner and edge pieces first, match the colours, match the outside lines, and most importantly, work as a team with those around you.

Ms. Melanson and I have seen some very determined children complete some rather difficult puzzles.  The ‘trickiest’ puzzle we worked on today consisted of 10 equal sized triangles. The instructions were to take the ten triangles and turn them into a rectangle.  Every triangle had to be used and they all have to touch each other.

Your children have brought the triangles home in their backpacks and invite you to join the challenge tonight.  If you cannot solve it, please ask your child. He/she will be able to tell you the trick; hint – it involves a pattern.

Have fun!



Happy Easter March 31, 2018

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We have been learning about eggs and their various properties.  Of course, one of our first activities was to decorate hard boiled eggs.  Our reading buddies helped us out and painted their own eggs as well.

Ms. Melanson had two very interesting and fun science projects for us.  One was observing the effects of coffee, vinegar and soda on hard boiled eggs.  We poured the liquids onto the eggs and let them sit over night.  In another experiment, we poured corn syrup, soda pop and salt water onto eggs that were not boiled.

Bother experiments provided very different results.  Students were able to relate the effects of these liquids to our teeth and should now realize the impact that sugar has on us.  Some of their predictions and observations:

“It turned yellow.”

“I think it will turn green.”

“It turned black.”

“It’s rotten now.”

“It feels like jello or a gummy.”

“It’s squishy.”

“I think it will erupt.”

“It dissolved into dust.”


Of course, Easter is not complete without a craft and a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. On Thursday, we met up with our reading buddies and learned how to roll and fold a washcloth to create a bunny holder for our painted eggs. I hope they will all be admired on your tables for Easter dinner.  Then the students came back from gym class and found 99 Easter eggs hidden around the room.  They quickly collected them and we had a class lesson on division.  They put them into a large pile and divided the eggs into groups of ten. We then took turns taking two eggs each until they were all gone.

They then had enough eggs to put in their Easter baskets and take home for a lovely Easter weekend.


A Visit from Eric Radford March 20, 2018

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How exciting!!!!!   Our whole school met in the gym today to  visit with Eric Radford.  Our assembly started with students and staff welcoming Eric with a Grand March.  Grade 7/8 students played the bars and Mrs. Reid played the piano, while everyone else marched into the gym as Eric watched on.  Mrs. Geary welcomed Eric and spoke about his history, growing up in Balmertown, going to school at GLC and all of his many successes.  Eric then spoke about his skating history, his determination to overcome all obstacles and to work hard, never giving up on his goals.  He then showed us his medals!  Wow!!!

Lyncoln and Bentley represented our class and gave Eric the letters that we wrote to him a few weeks ago. There were many smiles when they gave Eric high five’s!

The whole school then watched Eric, Mrs. Geary and a few other students in a friendly skills challenge competition.  Student names were chosen from a bag that was created because of the good deeds they had done during the last few weeks.  Several of our kindergarten students had their names  put into the bag when Ms. Melanson or myself caught them doing random acts of kindness during this time.  Unfortunately, our names were not chosen to take part in the skills challenge today.  However, we had fun watching Eric and others ride scooter boards on their stomachs, crawl under mats, throw balls into hoops, etc.

The choir then sang a tribute to Eric and the whole school sang a song to celebrate Eric and his achievements.


Tricks and Treats from the Leprechaun March 9, 2018

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Our pesky little leprechaun friend came one more time today. We walked into the classroom and found the traps set up and ‘ready to go’, but the leprechaun was too clever. Instead of getting trapped, he put the children’s shoes in each of their traps.

He also hid shamrocks around the room with words on them. We sorted the shamrocks by colours and determined that there must be three different sentences. Then we looked for the first word of the sentence (with an upper case letter) and the last word of the sentence (with a period).  After that, we sorted the words until they made sense.

The message was to look for a golden trail and follow it. After music and gym, we found the trail. When we got to the end of it, we found that he had left us rainbow cupcakes with gold coins and Lucky Charms cake.  Delicious!

After 2nd lunch, we found more shamrocks with numbers. We learned to cooperate and problem solve as we placed them on a number line; waiting our turn, determining which number was lower, higher, and following an ABC pattern. The shamrock number line looked awesome on our class Smartboard.

Our leprechaun traps were sent home. I am hoping they will be put to good use and someone will catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Have an awesome March Break, everyone! I can’t wait to hear the stories from everyone when we come back to school on the 19th.




Catching Leprechauns! March 8, 2018

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Kindergarten is ready to catch our leprechaun.  The children have been working very hard at designing and building traps.  They have been very creative; using logical ideas and innovative thoughts to create traps that will lure the leprechaun in and keep him from escaping.  The traps contain popsicle sticks, straws and pipe cleaner ladders, doors, holes for the leprechaun to fall into, chains, hoses, etc.

Ms. Melanson and I are very impressed with the planning, design and thinking that was evident as the children worked so hard.

Thank you to some of the grade 3/4 students for visiting us and helping out with the final decorating of our traps. Hopefully, we catch a leprechaun by tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed!