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Icy Days Means Inside Play November 16, 2017

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The weather outside has been very ice and it is not safe to play on the playground.  Therefore, we have been spending our recess breaks inside doing yoga.  The students have enjoyed the movement exercises and a chance to be active.

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We have also been learning the benefits of exercising our bodies and staying healthy. Children learned that we can control our breathing; particularly when it is very fast or laboured from exercise or sadness, anger, sorrow, etc. By taking deep breaths with our lungs, our bodies and our emotions can be soothed. This makes us feel better and puts us in control of both our bodies and our feelings.  We placed balloons on our stomachs and counted our controlled breathing by watching the balloon go up and down; very similar to our lungs taking in clean air and expelling used air.  Children were very quick to understand that breathing is a necessary function of life and also know that we can regulate our breathing to keep us lead a healthy lifestyle.


Library Books November 13, 2017

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Hurray!  Today was our very first day that we signed out library books.  I am sure they turned out to be the bedtime story in many homes tonight.  Please enjoy the books and take care of them in the book bag.  They are to be returned next MONDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2017, so that we can take out new ones.

Happy Reading!


Happy Halloween!!! October 31, 2017

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Kindergarten A had an awesome day.  During our party this afternoon, the Crazy Cat Lady and Jack – o – Lantern played games with us and enjoyed seeing the great costumes from our wonderful students.

Highlights from our day included spider web toss, pin the nose on the pumpkin, ghost craft, mummy bowling, ooey gooey slime, and of course, wonderful treats!!!  Thank you to all parents for providing these delicious snacks and for helping children to get dressed in costumes.  There was also a giant dinosaur that joined us for a while.

Thanks for  the great fun, Kindergarten A!



It’s Pumpkin Time! October 26, 2017

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We’ve had a great time exploring pumpkins during the last few weeks.  We’ve measured and compared height, mass, and the distance around.  Students have experimented with rulers, strings, measuring tapes, blocks, etc.  We’ve also counted in groups of ten and counted 431 seeds from two pumpkins.  The cookies we made were very delicious.  You might even want to try the recipe at home.

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Kindergarten Happenings October 21, 2017

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During the last few weeks, we have finished our rock inquiry and started learning about pumpkins and the ‘fruits of our labour’.

We really enjoyed watching the volcano erupt and pour fiery lava over the sides.  It was a great way to finish off our inquiry about rocks.

We recently participated in a school wide Harvest Lunch.  The spaghetti sauce came from the tomatoes that we watered last spring and planted in the fall.  The pumpkin cookies came from the garden that welcomes us into the school.

The dental team came to look at our teeth and told us we were the most brave kindergarten class they had ever seen.

We certainly are enjoying school and are learning and growing every day.  Stay tuned for more pictures later this week.


Harvest Vegetables and Rock Inquiry October 11, 2017

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Last week we decided to take a look at our school garden and pick the vegetables that were ripe and ready.  Although it was a very cold day, we were able to pick a bucket of tomatoes, some zucchini and to look at the pumpkins.  All of these vegetables will be used for our school wide spaghetti lunch on October 18th.  🙂

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On Friday of last week, we were lucky to have a local geologist visit us and bring some of her special rocks, fossilized shells, etc.  Students were able to sort by colour, shape and size.  Some of the students even smelled the rocks and Mrs. McFee had to taste one.  The salt was very concentrated and the taste lasted for a very long time.

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Yesterday, we combined our rock inquiry with the plant inquiry.  Our field trip to the Municipality and to Mr. Moroz at the vegetable truck was wonderful.  Students were able to meet our local mayor, Mr. Vinet and he showed them the impressive rock collection there.  Many thanks to Bear’s Dad for coming along with us.  He was able to give some insight into the types of rocks that we saw as well.  The next stop on our field trip was the vegetable truck.  Students identified the many vegetables that we saw and were able to pick them up and see how large some of them were.  Many thanks to Mr. Moroz for giving us a bag of apples to take back to school.  The children all enjoyed this delicious snack.  The leftovers will be made into apple crisp tomorrow.

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Kindergarten Rocks! October 3, 2017

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Our latest inquiry about rocks has given us many hands-on practical experiences.  We’ve weighed, sorted, classified, patterned and compared rocks.  We’ve made rock pets, rock faces with our feelings and we are also smoothing and polishing rocks in our rock tumbler.  Our latest adventure was to balance rocks and make them into inukshuks.  It’s been a lot of fun and we can’t wait to continue next week with volcanoes.